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Heat Seal Barcode

Heat Seal Barcode System



Never mistake where an item belongs, heat seal barcodes identify items quickly and accurately 
WinCleaners is fully integrated to handle heat seal barcode processing beginning with the customer search,
down to bagging the finished order.
Small heat seal barcodes can be applied onto garments discretely and are durable enough to last up to 200 washes. 
Heat Seal Barcodes improve garment handling.
* Scanning heat seal barcodes during drop-off automatically retrieves the customer information 
   and item description, keeping item entry consistent.
* Having heat seal barcodes on garments completely eliminates the tedious tagging process.
* Scan the heat seal barcodes during assembly to display the garments ticket number.
* Heat Sealing Machine
* Assembly Station w/ LCD monitor
* Cordless scanner for precise reading of small heat seal barcodes


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