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WinCleaners Computer System



WinCleaners is only top of the line brand name hardware


The easiest and most effective solution to your problems is WinCleaners.

Why choose WinCleaners? Most dry cleaner solutions that are sold today are already

antiquated or will be in a short amount of time.


They give you neither the speed, nor the flexibility, nor the functionality you need to run

your business today.


On the other hand, WinCleaners gives you power and functionality in a visually appealing,

modern user interface.



WinCleaners Pro System Package 


• WinCleaners Software (Pre-Loaded)

• Dell Business Computer System

• 1TGB Hard Disk Drive or 240GB SSD

• 250GB Hard Disk Drive (Back-Up)

• 56Kbps PCI Data Fax Modem

• Dell Quiet Key Keyboard & IntelliMouse

• 21.5” LED Touch Screen Monitor

• Ticket Printer Epson TM-88V Thermal Printer 

• Heavy Duty Computer Cash Drawer

• Metrologic Voyager Hands free Laser Barcode Scanner 

• Marketing Database: 5 Zip Codes