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Heat Seal PrePrinted

Heat Seal Barcode Labels (Pre-printed)


  • Never mistake where an item belongsHeatsealroll.jpg
  • Heat seal barcodes identify items quickly, accurately & permanently
  • WinCleaners is designed to handle heat seal barcode processing 
  • Heat Seal Barcodes improve garment handling.


  • One and done: Affixing the heat seal barcode label on garments once completely eliminates the tedious tagging process
    for all future cleanings for the item.
  • Scanning barcodes on the Labels for drop-off the garment automatically retrieves the customer information, item price and
    description, keeping item entry consistent.
  • Purchasing pre-printed heat seal labels allows you to start heat seal labeling with minimum upfront costs
  • WinCleaners is fully integrated with Metal Progetti, HMC, and Q-Sort 


Required Components

  • Heat Sealer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Assembly Station  w/ LCD monitor or Assembly Machine (MP, HMC)