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Customer Care

Here at Wincleaners, we make customer satisfaction our top priority. We have experienced a rapid growth in popularity due to customer referrals by those who were impressed with the quality, reliability, and promptness of our customer service. Here at WinCleaners we pride ourselves in answering our customers directly and not through an answering machine during business hours. 

1-Year FREE Customer Support for new customers inlcudes:Support_Realtime_400.png

Key.jpg   Software Training and Custom Settings through telephone or internet.   
Key.jpg   Technical assistance via telephone, internet or e-mail
Key.jpg   Software updates

Service Contract (Optional)
Key.jpg   Database Maintenance
Key.jpg   WinCleaners Version Upgrade
Key.jpg   Hardware Maintenance Labor included
Key.jpg   Replacement parts charged separately

Note: Must be insured when shipping item(s) to us for service. Shipping & Handling costs are not included. 


Phone : 856-770-9898