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Cleaners App





With the WinCleaners Garment Status Mobile App you can now

Track the status of your order anytime after your clothing have been dropped off.

This alleviates the worry of having to guess whether or not your order is complete and ready for pickup












Garment Status- You can look up your garment status by simply entering in your phone number and

store code into the correct fields and then checking the status next to the invoice number. 











Delivery – Delivery drivers now have the ability to scan item(s) that are coming off the truck for

delivery and then check the item(s) off when the delivery has been made.

Drivers can also leave comments as to where the items have been specifically

placed when the delivery has been made.







Quick tickets – With Quick Tickets, you can manage long customer lines simply by inputting their

phone number and number of pieces and printing a ticket that the customer can take with them.

You can then take the store copy and input more detailed information when time allows.







Garment Status App Demonstration Video