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Email and SMS

Text Message and Email 

Beneficial SMS or Email options in WinCleaners


WinCleaners’ SMS or Email capabilities are dedicated to improving your

customer service and relations

email a.png


• Congratulate customers on their birthdays and anniversaries, and present them with discounts,

   coupons or gift incentives.

• Welcome and invite customers new to your store.

  Taking the initiative and making your presence known early will help secure potential customers. 

• Reach out to non-returning customers. Reminding customers that you still

  remember their patronage may spark their interest and revive their business. 


  They will certainly consider your store the next time they decide to send out their dry cleaning.

• Send customers notices to remind them of their aged invoices or overdue debit payments. 

• Inform delivery customers when to expect pick-ups or drop-offs. Such notices,

  summaries and billing statements provide the communication essential to running an efficient

  delivery service.