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WinCleaners is the premier dry cleaner management solution available. No other dry cleaner management software gives

you the simplicity, functionality and flexibility you get with WinCleaners at such an affordable price.


WinCleaners is the easiest to use, full-featured Point of Sale software available. But unlike other computerized dry cleaner 



programs, WinCleaners does not stop there. In fact, on top of that, you get a comprehensive set of over a hundred reports,

charts, and graphs. Furthermore, WinCleaners includes tools such as custom letters, coupons, and advertisements that help

you market your business to your current customers as well as prospective customers.


Many of our competitors that sell their computers at or around the same prices offer you old, unattractive computer systems

that are barely fast enough to run the management software installed onto it. This is not the case with WinCleaners systems! With WinCleaners systems you get only modern, powerful, upgradeable computer systems that take advantage of the most

current technologies.


What's more, because we are continuously improving our product, we are open to any suggestions you may have as to how

we may improve our product to better suit the needs of your business.


Business today has become overwhelmed by technology. In order to keep up with the demands of customers today,

business owners today must keep up with today's latest technology. Even top-of-the-line dry cleaner management computer

systems from only a few years ago may already be considered obsolete, and may keep you from making the most of your

business opportunities. What can you do to overcome this obstacle and meet your needs as well as your customer's needs?


The easiest and most effective solution to your problems is WinCleaners. Why choose WinCleaners? Most dry cleaner

solutions that are sold today are already antiquated or will be in a short amount of time. Most DOS based systems come with

older obsolete computer systems which, if purchased for personal use, would have been thrown out even 5 or 10 years ago.

They give you neither the speed, nor the flexibility, nor the functionality you need to run your business today. On the other hand,

WinCleaners gives you power and functionality in a visually appealing, modern user interface.


■  The Customer Search Screen has been carefully designed to make searching for customers as fast and painless as possible.

■  You can search for a customer using 1 of 4 simple options including phone number, last name, ticket number or customer card number,

    and customer type.  

■  Entering the first 2 letters of a customer's last name or last 4 digits of a customer's phone number will display all customers that fit that entered criteria.

    Search results narrow down as more letters are entered.