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Metalprogetti Conveyor System

WinCleaners interface gives you complete command over the MetalProgetti conveyor system in a single status control panel.

  • WinCleaners fully integrates the three main automated MetalProgetti components: assembly and storage conveyors and the 24hr. unattended station.
  • MetalProgetti BAM constantly monitors all items racked on the storage conveyor and updates its database. BAM status eliminates the chore of scanning the physical inventory.
  • Customer notification via e-mail and cell phone. Web integration is also available to allow customers to check their garment status on-line.
  • Accurately handle orders from multiple stores. WinCleaners organizes garments and invoices from satellite stores for MetalProgetti to sort them.
  • Lot-management keeps track of garments according to which batch they were cleaned.
  • Create, view and print out cumulative statistics on garments handled to keep your business under constant control.
  • MetalProgetti automatic assembly and sorting conveyors make unattended stations possible.

    MAP ? An assembly conveyor automatically that sorts orders together and sends them to BAM

    BAM ? A storage conveyor that automatically updates system with ready orders and provides automated retrieval for the unattended station.

    Bam-Combi ?An unattended station combined with the BAM machine to allow self-service garment drop-off and pickup. Customers can collect their garments automatically, 24-hours a day with the utmost in security and efficiency.

Rack, retrieve and reorganize finished garments precisely and quickly in a secure, efficient manner. MetalProgetti reliable, easy-to-use electronic storage and retrieval system provides sure results with maximum control over every operation.

MetalProgetti have always aimed to offer an extensive range of fully automated, computerized, simple, fast and reliable systems that order, sort and organize garments. They can manage the entire handling process quickly and efficiently without the worries of human error.

Store garments in less space. MetalProgetti conveyors are fully modular to be creatively adapted to all types of environments, allowing for subsequent modifications and upgrades.

Improve service accuracy and reduce staff hours and labor costs. One operator can quickly manage and move thousands of garments on all levels

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