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Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. We have experienced a rapid growth in popularity due to
customer referrals by those who were impressed with the quality, reliability, and promptness of our
customer service. 

Customer Care Plan


     dsc_button_20x20.jpg  Trouble shooting in case of technical difficulties via telephone or internet 
     dsc_button_20x20.jpg  Technical assistance via telephone, internet, e-mail, or fax 
     dsc_button_20x20.jpg  Software updates

Service Contract 

     dsc_button_20x20.jpg  Software upgrade
     dsc_button_20x20.jpg  Hardware Maintenance Labor included 
    dsc_button_20x20.jpg   Price of replaced parts charged separately

Note: Must be insured when item(s) shipping to us. Shipping & Handling costs not included. 


dsc_button_20x20.jpg  Buyers entitled to software, hardware included parts and labor for 1 year warranty term
        Following warranty, Customer Care Plan option available at the aforementioned prices.
        During this time period, if a problem arises with either the software or hardware, it is only
        after a close evaluation of the situation, and ultimately is Computer Connections' sole
        discretion to decide whether to replaceor correct defective software or hardware.
        WinCleaners is the sole authority when deciding whether or not to charge an additional 
        fee  for the implementation or correction of damaged parts. 

        At no point will Computer Connections be responsible for consequential or incidental
        damages to the hardware or the software. Additionally, Computer Connections is not 
        under any circumstances, liable for damages resulting from a personal failure to use 
        the product properly, regardless of whether or not this misuse was intentional or due 
        to lack of knowledge on how to comply with the proper usage of the product. 

         The above statements apply to all WinCleaners customers. 

Support Hours :


dsc_button_20x20.jpg  Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST 
dsc_button_20x20.jpg  Saturday 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (For Emergencies Only)


Tech Support : 856-770-9898

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