Using the latest technology: QR Codes keep you engaged with your customers


1. WinCleaners' Productivity Toolbar has 4 fixed buttons and 4 customizable buttons. Set the left 4 buttons to quickly

    bring up commonly used features such as open drawer and bag-tag or WinCleaner module programs like time

    clock and delivery. Fixed buttons include short-cuts to the Daily Operations and Manager's Work sections.

2. Customer Entry, search for customers by entering either their phone number, last name, invoice number or

    customer key tag, all in the same place.

3. After selecting a customer, choose a function, such as Drop-off or Pick-up, from the Point of Sale menu.

4. Quickly enter customer searches with these touch-screen buttons and number pad. Toggle the Hide Keyboard

    button to switch to see the last 3 customers.

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