Using the latest technology: QR Codes keep you engaged with your customers



Ball.jpg   Take charge of your business.

Ball.jpg   Don't waste your time waiting for customers to come to you.

Ball.jpg   With the WinCleaners Delivery System, you can open new horizons and expand your business in this

     competitive market.

Ball.jpg   Effective Control, Simple Setup and Easy Access !


Ball.jpg   WinCleaners presents an effective way to approach customers and provide better service.

Ball.jpg   WinCleaners can schedule deliveries by date, time or routes.

Ball.jpg   Geographical Information System (GIS) Interface can provide direct routes and clear directions to

      all customer stops.

Ball.jpg   With Smart Phone and Tablets, WinCleaners is able to issue receipts on the spot.
      Also the deliverers can use the 
Tablets to inform the shop of their current location,
      so customers may easily track their delivery.

Ball.jpg   Various payment methods include charge billing on monthly or weekly basis.

Ball.jpg   Over 10 reports to track customer delivery drop offs, pick up, routes, schedules and much more.









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