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Customer Key Tag



1. Scan the Key Tag Barcode to quickly retrieve the customer name and verify customer identification.

2. Start a customer reward program based on how much they spend.

3. Key tag membership establish customer loyalty.


Key Tag Mileage Reward Program can attract Customer Loyalty to your store.



 The Key Tag keeps track of your customer's "mileage" based on their

   total spending at your business.

 You can reward your customer with discounts after spending certain



The Customer Loyalty key tags are the answer to your problems.

• Instead of trying to keep easily losable tickets among piles of other receipts and papers,

  all your customers need to pickup or drop off orders is a convenient key tag that they can attach to their key chains.

• What's more, you no longer need to face the embarrassment of asking regular customers for their names and

   phone numbers. It will even save you the time of looking up customers through a customer search.

  Simply scan the customer's key tag to open his/her information in WinCleaners.

• Save you and your customers time and hassle by purchasing this indispensable tool.